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 [=MG=] MANIFEST! [$1 - $20][Custom Client Making]

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PostSubject: [=MG=] MANIFEST! [$1 - $20][Custom Client Making]   Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:25 am

Welcome to the ManifestGreifing Client Making Store!


Our clients are based on the GUI (Interface), number of commands, and type of commands.
Clients are 100% customizable. The only GUI type we do NOT do is draggable. You may select as many commands as you like.

We do trades or online payment. We do NOT vouch. You may purchase a client through "trade" by trading a Premium Minecraft Account or Minecraft Code. Trading a MC Account is equivalent to a $5 Client. Trading a MC code is equivalent to a $10 client.


You may pick from these...
You may match the number of commands. Meaning you can have 25 commands by selecting 20 commands then selecting 5 commands. The price just adds up in total.

Doubling Rule
You may not "double match" commands. This means that if you want a 10 command client, you may not ask for 5 commands then match it with another 5 commands. However, if you TRADE you are permitted to double match so you may meet the amount of money given. For example, if you trade a MC Premium Acc, you may pick a Regular GUI and match 5 commands with 5 commands. This will add up to $5.

Regular GUI - $1 (Example)
- with 2 commands (+ $0.50)
- with 5 commands (+ $2)
- with 10 commands (+ $5)
- with 20 commands (+ $10)

Clickable GUI - $5
- with 2 commands (+ $2)
- with 5 commands (+ $5)
- with 10 commands (+ $10)
- with 20 commands (+ $15)

Command List:

Ordinary Commands
- Sneak
- Fullbright
- X-Ray
- Transparant Xray
- Speed Miner
- Kill Aura

Build Hacks
- Swastika Place
- Floor Place
- Wall Place
- Pole Place
- Fast Place
- Auto Place*
- No Fall

- .derp
- .spam
- .troll
- .penis
- .drop

Other Hacks
- High Jump
- Auto Tool*
- No Push
- Water Walk
- Creative Nuker
- Fly
- Reach
- Sprint
- Climb
- Radar

Commands with * means that an additional $0.10 will be added due to the difficulty of coding that specific command.

To purcahse or trade, PM me.
Also, if you have any additional question, you may also PM me.
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[=MG=] MANIFEST! [$1 - $20][Custom Client Making]
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